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Not to worry...

It happens, documents get misplaced, damaged and lost every day. If you purchased your deed poll change of name declaration from us, then your deed poll could be stored in the UK Deed Poll Service central document archive. If it is, you will be able to order a replacement copy using the relevant form.

The UK Deed Poll Archive

The UK Deed Poll Service maintains an extensive deed poll archive, meaning that our customers can rest assured, if you ever need a replacement copy of your deed, or a new legalised and holographically sealed certificate, you can simply order on our website and have your documents dispatched to you.

If you are NOT a former customer, your deed poll will not be in our archive. Don't worry though, we can produce a retrospective deed poll specifically for this purpose. Retrospective deed polls contain an additional clause explaining that the document is a replacement for a former certified original. Retrospective deed polls which show the date of the original, are accepted on the same basis as an an original certified copy.

Do I need to keep a copy of my Deed Poll after changing my name?

Whilst there is no specific obligation to keep a deed poll after updating all of your legal documents we advise that you do so. Its not only handy to have a copy of your deed poll on file for your records, but it may be necessary to produce it at a later date for a host of reasons.

For this reason it's a good idea to deposit your deed poll in our central document archive. We can then produce replacement copies of the official deed should you require it in the future. There is an archive "opt in" section of the order process, which you can select on checkout.

My Deed Poll isn't in the archive

Not to worry. We can create a replacement deed known as a "retrospective deed poll" that will show your historic change of name.

You can order a new deed poll here.

My Deed Poll has been archived 

Great. If your deed poll is stored in our archive you can order a replacement copy using our online checkout.

Apply below and select archived deed poll.

I'm not sure if my Deed Poll is in the archive

If you're unsure if your deed poll has been archived by the UK Deed Poll Service, you can contact our customer support team online 24/7 using the below link. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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