Will Changing my Name Wipe my Credit Score?

Whilst there are undoubtedly a great many of us who would love a quick and easy way to wipe our credit score and start a fresh, the reality might not be so simple...

So is it Possible...

The ultimate answer is no, changing your name via deed poll will not clear your credit score.

If I Have a New Name How Would They Know?

A deed poll declaration only changes your name. Once you have filled in and executed your deed poll declaration, you have an obligation to inform a great many authorities and companies. The effect of informing these bodies will essentially link your previous name to you new name. This will almost certainly be picked up by credit reference agencies who will add an AKA or also know as to your credit report. There is no way to avoid having your names linked, and in any event, you cannot use a deed poll to for fraudulent or deceptive purposes as this may constitute a false declaration. When Will my Former and New Name be Linked? This is entirely dependant upon how fast you execute your deed poll and notify the relevant agencies. We usually advise that from the date you execute your deed, you can expect around a month to pass before credit reference agencies link the two names. We should make it very clear at this point that changing your name by deed poll is not a solution to manage personal debt problems. There are many reputable organisation who can offer help and guidance on managing debt.

What if I Don't Inform Anybody About the Change of Name?

Whilst you are not legally obliged to inform anybody that you have legally changed your name, the overriding proviso is that your change of name declaration is not made with the intention of deceiving or defrauding. It is highly likely that if you legally changed your name with the intention of escaping a debt, for which you are legally responsible you would be seen to be acting dishonestly and potentially fraudulently.

There can be fairly serious implications if you use a name fraudulently or attempt to deceive someone with a statutory declaration.

Should I Change my Name?

Again this is situation specific. If you're changing your name for a fresh start and a new beginning then there are no issues with applying for a deed poll. If however, you are hoping to avoid a debt a deed poll is not the answer.

If you need further clarification or you're in need of help or advice, feel free to contact our helpful team 24/7 using our online chat function or email apply@changemyname.org.uk.

Taking the next step...

The UK Deed Poll Service is the UK's biggest and best deed poll specialist. We have produced over a million change of name declarations and certified copies, for hundreds of thousands of customers. Our staff are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week helping our clients negotiate the name change process and providing free impartial advice. Whether you choose to apply for a deed poll with ourselves or not, feel free to contact us using the online chat function should you have any questions or concerns.

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