How to Change the Name on a UK Naturalisation Certificate

A naturalisation certificate is a document providing evidence of the holders citizenship. They are provided to those who have met the test for and been granted citizenship of the United Kingdom. Naturalisation certificates can be used to apply to Her Majesty's Passport Office for passports among other things.

Naturalisation refers to the process of changing your citizenship. Foreign nationals residing in the United Kingdom and select individuals abroad have been eligible to apply for citizenship for many years.

The holder of a naturalisation certificate is a British National, entitles to the same rights and liberties as a natural born citizen. One such right, is the right to change your name and be referred to and addressed by any name you choose.

Requirements for Naturalisation

Before being eligible for British Citizenship and a certificate of naturalisation, there are several requirements which must be met. Applicant must be at least 18 years of age to apply, however, there are special provisions for the children of applicants. Applicant should also be "of good character", a rather ambiguous requirement which takes into account the persons criminal history and past.

Applicants that meet the aforementioned requirements will be expected to take and pass the "Life in the UK" citizenship exam and English language test.

What Does a Certificate of Naturalisation Contain?

Naturalisation certificates are officially issued documents and can be used for the purpose of identification of the holder. As standard, naturalisation certificates contain the following information;

  • The holders full name

  • Residence of the applicant

  • Birthplace

  • Age and date of birth

  • Parents’ names

  • Name of spouse

  • Occupation

  • Children with their names and ages, where dependent

The certificate will also contain a serial number and reference number which is used by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Changing the Name on your Certificate

Changing the name on a UK Certificate of Naturalisation is a relatively straightforward affair. UK legislations provides that UK nationals are entitled to be referred to and addressed by any name they choose, and to have this chosen name recognised on official documentation such as Passports, Driving Licenses and Naturalisation Certificates.

How Do I Change My Name on a Naturalization Certificate

Changing your name on a UK naturalization certificate isn’t as challenging as you might expect. You can apply for a Deed Poll change of name declaration through the UK Deed Poll Service which will act as proof of your change of name. You can start the process by clicking here to apply.

Once you have recieved and signed you Deed Poll documents, the next step is to submit them to the UK Visas and Immigration department at the following address;

Department 201 UK Visas and Immigration Silver Zone, 4th Floor The Capital New Hall Place Liverpool L3 9PP

We recommend that you include covering letter and a photocopy of your naturalisation certificate when submitting your Deed Poll.

Unsure what steps to take?

Don't worry. Our team are online 24 hours a day via the chat function located at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Simply strike up a conversation and one of our support agents will be more than happy to guide you through the whole process.

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