Gender Fluidity and Non-Binary Names

The increasing acceptance of gender fluidity and the courage of gender fluid individuals claiming their identity has led to a surge in name change applications. The legislation and government policy surrounding gender fluidity is outdated and in drastic need of review.

There is however, a simple and straightforward way of having your gender identity recognised and recorded by organisations. You can change your name and adopted title by Deed Poll declaration with little fuss.

What is Gender Fluidity?

Gender fluidity refers to the fluid nature of a persons gender expression or gender identity or both. These changes may be in expression, but not identity, or transversely in their identity but not expression. Sometimes expression ad identity change simultaneously.

In order to feel more comfortable or be able to relate closer to their chosen gender identity, many gender fluid individuals opt to change their name to a non-binary or asexual name.

Gender Recognition Certificates (GRC's)

You may have heard of a Gender Recognition Certificate, often referred to simply as a GRC. GRC's have been issued in the United Kingdom for over 17 years and are mandated by the gender Recognition Act of 2004. To obtain a GRC the applicant must show that the name and gender has been amended on their birth certificate.

A birth certificate can be amended to reflect this change where the applicant has legally changed their name with the intention of assuming a new gender. It is important to note that a Deed Poll declaration will enable the applicant to change the name on all of their official government issued identification documents regardless of whether any medical gender realignment procedure has been undertaken.

Using a GRC as Proof of Name

Most applicants don't want to show their GRC to prove their change of name. This is understandable, gender reassignment is a very personal journey and many people don't feel comfortable showing their GRC to an employer or other third party.

You can use your Deed Poll name change certificate as proof of your new name. A Deed Poll is a legally accepted document, drafted in accordance with the laws and legislation of the United Kingdom.

Taking the next step...

The UK Deed Poll Service is the UK's biggest and best deed poll specialist. We have produced over a million change of name declarations and certified copies, for hundreds of thousands of customers. Our staff are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week helping our clients negotiate the name change process and providing free impartial advice. Whether you choose to apply for a deed poll with ourselves or not, feel free to contact us using the online chat function should you have any questions or concerns.

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