Do I Need a Solicitor to Change My Name?

There's a lot of confusing and misleading information on the internet in relation to this question. Although officially changing your name isn't necessarily a complicated process, the lack of reliable advice would make it appear so.

In this blog post we'll take a deep dive into the name change process. We'll look at the key differences between using a deed poll and a statutory declaration and weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of both. You may even find that you don't need either.

Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration

You've probably heard both mentioned, deed polls and statutory declarations are considered to be legal documents, however there are a few key differences which we will discuss here.

The main difference is how the documents are executed or certified. A deed poll is executed by the applicant, who must sign the document in the presence of a witness. A statutory declaration is made by the applicant at the office of a Solicitor or Notary Public.

Another key factor is that of cost, deed polls are relatively cheap as the execution of the deed is performed by the applicant themselves, whereas a statutory declaration needs to be made before a Solicitor and attracts the fees they charge. An average deed poll, dependent upon supplier will cost around £15 - £20, a statutory declaration on the other hands will no doubt be in excess of £250.

Statutory Declaration

Deed Poll


By a Solicitor or Notary Public

By your signature in the presence of a witness


Requires a Solicitors appointment (est 2 weeks)

2 days







Enrolled Deed Polls

An enrolled deed poll is slightly different. This type of deed poll is listed in the London Gazette and enrolled at the Royal Courts of Justice. Enrolled deed polls cost £42.44 (correct at 18/09/21). An enrolled deed poll doesn't really offer anything more in the way of benefits, other than having the name change publicised in the London Gazette. So is a Solicitor Necessary? Now we have discussed the different methods that you can use to change your name, we'll take a look at whether or not you need a Solicitor. As we have already seen from our examination of the different types of deed poll, a Solicitor or Notary Public isn't required. You can order a deed poll name change declaration online, execute the deed in the presence of a witness at home and begin using your new name. If you are a United Kingdom National living in the Bailiwick of Jersey or living elsewhere abroad, or are a Foreign National living in the UK you will need a Notary Public to witness your deed.

Taking the next step...

The UK Deed Poll Service is the UK's biggest and best deed poll specialist. We have produced over a million change of name declarations and certified copies, for hundreds of thousands of customers. Our staff are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week helping our clients negotiate the name change process and providing free impartial advice. Whether you choose to apply for a deed poll with ourselves or not, feel free to contact us using the online chat function should you have any questions or concerns.

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