Can I add my Lord Title to my UK Passport?

In short. YES. However its not a cut and dry question and the answer depends largely on the type of Lordship that you have.

What is a Lord Title?

In the UK the title Lord can refer to many different things. A peer of the House of Lords, Lord of the Manor or even the good old pub Landlord.

Peers of the House of Lords are often referred to as hereditary peers or hereditary Lords, their titles pass to their descendants and are registrable on official Government issued identification, including passports. Hereditary Lordships cannot be bought and are issued by Her Majesty the Queen.

Manorial Lordships or Lordships of the Manor are considered as incorporeal hereditaments under English property law. Manorial Lordships aren’t a title per se and do not ordinarily allow the holder to assume the title Lord. Rather a Lord of the Manor would be known as “Robert Smith, Lord of the Manor of Timpton”. Despite this, Manorial Lordships are permitted on UK passports. HM Passport Office will include the phrase “The holder is Lord of the Manor of Timpton” on the official observations page.

Scottish Lairds or Lords

You may have heard that you can buy a plot of land in Scotland and legally call yourself a Lord. Whilst this is 'mostly' true, it does not enable you to use the title on official government issued documentation. The Lord Lyon King of Arms for Scotland, has stated that it is not necessary for Lairdships to be registered on government documents.

There is a way...

British and wider European law allows for a person to assume and use any name, suffix and title they wish, so long as it is not done with the intention of defrauding another or used for the commission of a crime. Many people who wish to assume titles of nobility have successfully done so using a deed poll change of name declaration.

Using a Deed Poll to become a Lord or Lady

A deed poll change of name declaration allows you to assume a new title. You can assume any title you wish, however specific titles are controlled by HM Passport Office. If for example you change your title by deed poll to King, the passport office will enter an observation of the official observation page of your passport to the effect 'the reference to king is to the bearers name and not their title', however, to all and sundry your title will appear as King.

Ready to Join the Aristocracy?

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