Adding a Middle Name

Adding a middle name out of respect for, or in memory of a loved one has long been a way of honouring our friends and extended families. More still choose to adopt the name of sporting idols, celebrities or cult icons. Whatever your reason for adopting a new middle name the process is simple with a deed poll name change declaration.

What's in a name?

Our names are more than just the moniker by which we are known. There is a deep connection between our self declared identity, sense of self and the names we assume.

Whilst we accept that our surnames are relatively set in stone, representing a firm paternal bond with our fathers and understand that our forenames are decided on by our parents at birth, our middle names give us freedom of expression and the ability to shape our own identity.

Whether your choosing to honour your grandfather or grandmother, paying respect to a long time mentor or showing allegiance to your favourite sports team or cult icon, changing your middle name by deed poll provides the ability to do so.

Adding a middle name by deed poll

The process of adding a middle name or changing your middle name by deed poll is simple. Simply apply online using the online application form and receive your professionally drafted and holographically sealed deed poll name change certificates in days.

Taking the next step...

The UK Deed Poll Service is the UK's biggest and best deed poll specialist. We have produced over a million change of name declarations and certified copies, for hundreds of thousands of customers. Our staff are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week helping our clients negotiate the name change process and providing free impartial advice. Whether you choose to apply for a deed poll with ourselves or not, feel free to contact us using the online chat function should you have any questions or concerns.

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The name change process is quick and simple. Apply online in minutes using our easy to navigate digital application and receive your Official Deed Poll Change of Name Declaration in two days.