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NameChangeOnline™ is the UK Deed Poll Service's Official online name change platform. This service allows users to legally and quickly change their name and have the change recognised by Government Departments, Local Authorities, Banks, Building Societies and any other organisations holding their details.

Name Change Online is the quickest and easiest way of completing a Deed Poll. In just three simple steps, applicants will recieve an Official Deed Poll Change of Name declaration in the mail.


The Name Change Process

Have you lost or misplaced your original certified copy? Don't worry, if you purchased through us, it is likely that your original deed has been stored in our central deed poll archive, meaning that you can request replacement copies online. For more information on lost or misplaced deed poll declarations, visit our Lost Deed Poll page.

A Deed Poll is a special type of legal document, similar to a conventional contract. The difference being that were a contract requires a minimum of two parties to be legally binding, a Deed Poll only requires one. It is important to note that Deed Polls are not solely used in the name change process and are a generic legal document similar to a statutory declaration.


Conventional contracts generally outline the roles, rights, and responsibilities of each party to the agreement, and bind them under penalty of law to abide by them. Similarly, a Deed Poll binds the individual making the declaration to perform the course of action and undertake the covenants outlined within the deed.

Deed Poll Change of Name

The most common use for a deed poll is to change a name. They can be used to change the forename, middle name or last name, some people choose to change their entire name with a deed poll declaration.

The deed is a legal document, that once signed in the presence of a witness (executed) completes the official change of name process. The only remaining step is for the applicant to inform agencies such as HM Passport Office and the DVLA by presenting the deed poll.

Changing your name by deed poll takes around 2 days. The timeframe to receive your new documents from the Government will vary depending on how soon after the change of name you inform them.