How The Name Change Process Works


Surprisingly easy...

You may be surprised to learn that changing your name in the United Kingdom is a relatively straightforward process.

In essence, British Law allows Citizens and others living in the country to legally take and adopt a new name and use it in substitution of their officially recorded name.

This has been the case for many hundreds of years, however in 1901 Lord Lindley concreted it into Judicial precedence in a case brought before the House of Lords.

In that case Lord Lindley held that

"Speaking generally the law of this country allows any person to assume and use any name, provided its use is not calculated to deceive and to inflict pecuniary loss"

Three simples steps...

Whilst the law provides that anyone can take and adopt a new name there is a procedure to change official documents.


In order to alter your name with government organisations you must be in possession of a deed poll or statutory declaration. A deed poll is by far the easiest and most cost effective route.

Applying for and executing a deed poll is a simple process. We have broken in down in to the three core steps below.

Step One
Apply Online

The first step is to apply for your deed poll change of name declaration using our simple online form and secure checkout. Get started by clicking on our Apply Now page.

Step Two
Execute Your Deed

Once you have received your documents, execute them by signing them in the presence of a witness.

Step Three
Notify Agencies

Send copies of your official deed poll change of name declaration to any agency or body that holds your personal details on file.

Getting Help With The Process?

The name change process can often seem quite complex and stressful. We understand that you might still have some questions or concerns regarding applying for a deed poll. This is completely normal. Our helpful team are available online 24 hours a day to provide helpful and impartial advice and to support you through your name change journey. We also have a large frequently asked questions section which you may find to be of some help.

You can speak to our team regardless of whether you intend to apply for a deed poll or not. We pride ourselves on providing a service to the wider general public and relish any engagement me attract. You are more than welcome to speak to one of our helpful online support staff using the lets chat function below, or if you prefer you can reach out to us through our social media channels. We aim to get back to all social media enquiries within the day and all online chat enquiries within fifteen minutes.

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