Deed Poll to

Add a Middle Name




Many people applying for a Deed Poll with the UK Deed Poll Service do so to legally add middle names, this is usually in memory or recognition of a loved one. Others, however, choose to include the names of sporting heroes, idols and celebrities. Adding a middle name couldn't be easier than with an Official Deed Poll from the UK Deed Poll Service.


It is worth noting, that unlike a full change of name, or a change of surname, adding or altering a middle name is not considered to be a substantial alteration and as such you don't need to change all of your documentation immediately.


For example, you could wait for your passport renewal date before updating your name record and update your utilities and council tax details as and when necessary. As you can see changing a middle name is a much easier process than a substantial change of forename, surname, or both!

How to add or change your middle name

The process of changing a middle name is easy. You can apply using a conventional deed poll by visiting our clicking Get Started below.

You should note however, HM Passport Office have specific guidance on the length of names. The passport Office can only print 3 characters for you "First Name". Your first name includes your middle name on your passport. Additionally you can only print a surname up to thirty characters.

If your names exceed the limits, you can ask that they are abbreviated. HM Passport Office will include your full name on the observations page.

Notable mentions

We receive some pretty quirky name change requests from all over the UK with most middle name changes bearing some emotional or familiar significance, however, the most popular middle name addition we receive is "Danger", inspired by the 1997 Austin Powers motion picture, International Man of Mystery in which Austin Powers tells a prison guard "Danger is my middle name!"


We estimate that we issue at least sixty Deed Poll change of name certificates each year to people adding danger as a middle name.


You can apply to change your current middle name or add a new one by clicking Apply Now below. We will dispatch your name change documentation free of charge on the same day if ordered before 5pm Monday to Friday.